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Environmental Services

Since 1996 Miles Chemical has provided value added services to safely and efficiently manage industries transportation, disposal, and appropriate documentation, of R.C.R.A., non R.C.R.A., and non hazardous wastes. In taking on these responsibilities we provide our customer’s piece of mind that their waste removal requirements are being properly handled. From profiling, sampling, manifesting, labeling, pick up and facility delivery, Miles Chemical becomes an integral part of the waste management process. This enables our customers to focus more on the strategic parts of their business.

Profiling, documentations, pick ups and site deliveries being error free, on time, every time, are the minimum standards that all responsible companies must provide in order to earn your business- We offer that and more!


  • Freight/Warehousing Efficiencies - Through Miles Chemical, we can deliver new chemicals and pick up waste in one stop on one truck. No one else provides this service!

  • Versatile fleet - From Bobtail, to Tractor/Trailers, to Vacuum truck- it’s our drivers on our trucks.

  • Chemical knowledge - By providing new chemistry we understand the chemical constituency that can contribute to the waste make up.

single-layer and double layer printed circuit boards
  • Response time - Tanks full, upcoming regulatory visit, accumulation concerns - We respond and react immediately!

Containers handled   

  • Bulk Tanker

  • Cubic Yard Box

  • Tote Tanks

  • Drums - (including lab pack)

  • Super Sacks

Containers: drums (lab pack), super sacks

 Waste Streams handled


  • Class 2- Flammable & Non flammable Gases

  • Class 3- Flammable Liquids

  • Class 4- Flammable Solids

  • Class 5- Oxidizers, Organic Peroxides

  • Class 6- Poisonous & Toxic Liquids

  • Class 8- Corrosive Liquids

  • Class 9- Miscellaneous Hazardous Liquids & Solids

Flammable Liquids
Non R.C.R.A. & Non Hazardous


  • Liquids

  • Solids

Universal Waste 
Fluorescent lights, batteries, E-waste
  • Fluorescent lights

  • Batteries

  • E-waste

Demolition, Decontamination


Our services include both selective and full scale demolitions for both emergency and scheduled situations. Where needed and required we will clean and decontaminate prior to demolition. Through our Professional Engineer we will also certify "closure" of fixed treatment units or other regulatory agency certified requirements. OP-TECH provides a full range of those services including large scale, multidisciplinary, facility decontamination services. OP-TECH’s demolition experience allows it to maximize the management of salvageable assets during demolition projects for the benefit of our clients.

selective and full scale demolitions

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

We have the experience and expertise for remediation including remediation, odor control and emissions of various petroleum products, chemicals, food products , PCBs, and heavy metals among many other contaminants. Through our hydrogeologist we stay abreast of the latest groundwater regulatory standards to provide a timely and cost effective program.

remediation, odor control and emissions of various petroleum products
remediation of other contaminants

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