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3rd Party Logistics


Why Consider Miles Chemical 3rd Party Logistics 


  • Lead Times - Everyone is reducing inventories- including customers

  • Cost - Freight (especially LTL) from across the country

  • Improved Profitability - why pay the trucking company

  • Customer Satisfaction - Materials are available 24/7/365

Miles Chemical Can Facilitate Your Logistics Needs

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Enhanced customer service capabilities

  • Reduction of capital expenditures    (equipment, distribution centers)

Miles Chemical Logistics includes: Warehousing, Distribution, Transportation and Inventory Management

We accomplish this by integrating, coordinating, and
managing your needs in the following areas:


  •  Warehousing

  •  Distribution

  •  Transportation

  •  Inventory Management

Taking advantage of these services will simplify your operation enabling you to focus on your core business.

Warehousing and Transportation

Miles Chemical Logistics helps customers save on warehousing/transportation costs.s' supply chain efficiencies.


The problem with chemical public warehousing is their model is built 100% on warehousing/transportation. Costs can add up for the most trivial services. The ability to get material from the warehouse to the customer is not the quickest - at, that is, Monday-Friday from 7:00-4:00. Try nights, weekends and holidays when your customer is down and needs product!!


Our Warehouses Capabilities


  • Segregated storage- Oxidizers, Flammable, Poison, Non Hazardous, Corrosive

  • Materials handled (2,500 in system)- Acids, Alkalis, Oils/Solvents

  • Material grades- Industrial, USP, Food, Kosher

  • Packaging handled- Drums (Poly,SS, Fiber), Carboys Pails, Totes, Bulk

Miles Transportation Services


  • 9 Tractors (CARB Compliant)

  • 8 box vans (7-40’, 1-28’) (5-42 ’, 1-45, 1-28ft)

  • 1 Stake bed (28’)

  • 2 Stake beds - Diesel trucks (20’)

  • 1 Bobtails (20’)

  • 1 Pick up truck (8’ bed)

  • 1 Specialty van (12’)

  • 4 Stainless Steel Tankers (Vacuum)

  • GPS on all trucks

  • Lift gate on all trucks (except Vacuum)

  • Next day Deliveries

  • Same Day Emergency Deliveries

  • Empty Container Management

Warehouse & Logistical Services


  • Product Shelf Life Management

  • Local California Stock

  • Bar Coded FIFO Lot Located Inventory

  • Real Time Access to Inventory

  • Cycle Counts

  • Customized Inventory reports

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