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Miles Chemical is at the forefront of caring for all the needs of the printed circuit board and Semi Conductor industry. We distribute and manufacture the highest quality of chemical products.


Whether your requirements are for single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards, Wafer slicing, Solar production or other high purity requirements, we support these industries with a fully operational Lab, with two experienced chemists with decades of experience.

single-layer and double layer printed circuit boards

Tin & Tin/Lead Stripping:


- Single Step

- Extremely fast, non-sludging, nitric based tin/solder stripper for spray applications. Provides a maximum possible loading. Low copper etch rate results in a bright copper finish.

- Peroxide/bifluoride solder stripper. Excellent for selective tin or tab stripping.

- Two Step

- High capacity and low exotherm. Leaves a bright copper finish. Economical tin/solder removal.

•    HAL/Fusing Chemistry

•    Low & medium viscosity hot air leveling fluxes ideal for fine pitch surface mounts.

Brite dipping

- High performance fluxes and fusing fluids. Long lasting formulas with exceptional fusing characteristics.

•    Post Cleaning, rinsing of ionic residues

- Highly concentrated flux residue removers for either spray or soak applications.


- Excellent hexane free antistatic cleaner for diazo, silver halide and protective films. Available in unscented version.


- General purpose, alkaline equipment cleaner for developers and resist strippers.

- Organic acid formulas exceptional at removing solder mask, carbonate residues and hard water scale.


- Fast acting, safe solvent based and low VOC cleaners for the removal of uncured printing inks, soldermasks and tape residues. Do not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons or flammable solvents.

Semi Conductor/Solar Industries

From high purity alkalis, acids and solvents to formulated products, we have the solutions to meet your stringent requirements.


Wafer cleaning

Wide variety of environmental friendly cleaners designed for ultrasonic cleaning of wafers.


Wire saw additives

Solvent based and aqueous carrying agents for silicon carbide. With research capability we can help you design a solution that will fit your specific application.


Plating additives

Miles Chemical offers numerous choices of plating technology including gold, silver, copper and nickel that can be applied electrolytically, electroless or immersion applications. These

Solar Industries

solutions can be applied over metallic on non metallic surfaces. We also can supply chemistry that will inhibit corrosion in varies atmospheric situations. 

circuit board rust protection

Developing: Economical 40% & 45% potassium carbonate blends with additives for improved sidewall. Produces higher yields and faster speeds.


Resist Strippers:

Innerlayer - Highly effective strippers liquid or dry film inner layer. Strong anti-tarnish package to maximize productivity at AOI.

Outerlayer - Aqueous and semi aqueous strippers designed to remove the toughest adhering resists by creating very small particles.

Flex - Low pH strippers designed for stripping dry film resists from adhesive-less and adhesive-based flex laminates.

Solder Strippers:

- Peroxide based strippers

- Non-peroxide based strippers (one part or two part products)


- Highly concentrated formulas for use with delvoping, photoresist strippers, and LPI developers.


- Copper oxide process for producing a uniform brown or black oxide coating for innerlayer copper foil. Produces excellent bonding characteristics.

antifoams, oxide

Copper Cleaning:

- Highly concentrated, non-etching copper cleaners for fast removal of chromate conversion coatings from standard and reverse-treat foils.

- Etching acid copper cleaners

- General purpose alkaline non etching non chelating cleaners for removal of organics and fingerprints from copper surfaces.

Preplate Cleaners: 

- Non-etching, acid based pattern plate cleaner for immersion applications. Consistently provides extended bath life and removes all organic and inorganic soils prior to acid copper plating.


- Liquid Persulfate based microetches producing a uniform, predicable etch rate with maximum surface topography designed for spray or immersion applications.  Remains very stable in solution.

- Stabilized peroxide based microetches for spray or immersion applications.


- Highly effective sensitizer ideal for either desmear or etchback applications.

Precleaning Alkaline Acid

- Low cost potassium permanganate designed for desmear & etchback applications of conventional resins. Sodium permanganate designed for desmear & etchback applications on high Tg resins. --- Maximizes surface topography for superior adhesion of electroless copper.

- Glass etch for use in either desmear or etchback applications.

Electroless Copper Process:

- Pre-plate cleaner, microetch, solid & liquid predips, collodial palladium catalyst, accelerator, and electroless copper products specially formulated to plate 0.25 microns (10millionths of an inch) of copper in 10 minutes. This bath is highly stable, easy to replenish and run, and does not plate out during periods of inactivity.

Electrolytic Plating:

- One & two part additives for bright acid copper plating. Resulting deposit provides superior thermal stress performance.


Printed Circuit Board, Electronics, Semi Conductor

Printed Circuit Board and Semi Conductor Industries

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