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Our value added services include the following:

Everyday Miles Chemical Service
  • Dedicated Local Warehouse in Arleta and Anaheim   

  • Miles owned Fleet and Company Drivers

  • Pick up Empty Drums

  • Hazardous/Non Hazardous waste transportation/  

  • Bar Coded Stock

Dedicated Local Warehouse in Arleta and Anaheim
  • Inventory Management Programs

  • Confirmed Purchase Orders

  • On line capabilities

  • Local Blending in Anaheim

  • Custom Packaging

Confirmed Purchase Orders
  • Local So Cal Analytical Laboratory

  • Local So Cal Technical Sales Representation

  • Local So Cal Application Engineer

  • Easy to do business with

  • Your products stored close to your facility

  • Same day/next day/ emergency deliveries

  • Reduced manpower and costs to dispose

  • Cradle to grave responsibilities, economies of scale

  • “Fresh” material within shelf life

  • Product when you need it. Improved cash flow

pick up empty drums
  • Delivery & invoice accuracy

  • On line ordering/tracking along with access to needed
    info (Invoices, MSDS, C of A, etc)

  • Ability to customize

  • Pails, drums, totes, bulk 

Easy to do business with
  • In house lab services

  • Service when you need it

  • Technical back up when you need it

Chemical Distribution


We will deliver competitive, error free products and services to our customers, on time, every time!


From product selection, to time of order, to delivery and accompanying documentation every step of the distribution process is managed with particular attention to the details. This allows you to focus on your business!

Miles owned fleet and company drivers

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