Mic1el Soak-1410 is a heavy duty, strong alkaline, oil splitting soak tank cleaner. Soak-1410 is compounded to remove virtually all soils including hydrocarbon-based greased and oils, polishing compounds and inorganic oxides from ferrous, copper and copper alloys. Extended times in Soak-1410 will not negatively affect the surfaces of steel and stainless steel alloys. Due to its oil splitting capabilities the life of the Soak-1410 is extended significantly. Soak-140 is formulated without hard chelators that act as deterrents in the removal of metals from the waste stream. In terms of quality and economy Soak-140 is unsurpassed in performance.



Concentration                2 - 12 oz./gal.


Temperature                 140° - 170°F

Time                               30sec – 2 hours (As needed to remove contaminants)

Equipment                    Mild steel or polypropylene tank, skimming apparatus/equipment to remove oil from surface



Fill tank approximately 2/3 full of cool water. Add the total amount of Soak - 1410 needed. Stir to dissolve the material. Fill to final volume and heat to operating temperature.


Supplemental Drop Bottle Testing Procedure


  1. Pipette 2-mL (more concentrated tanks) or 5 ml (more dilute tanks) sample of Soak 140 solution into a 250-ml Erlenmeyer flask.
  2. Add 50-mL D.I. Water and 5 drops of 1% phenolphthalein indicator.
  3. Add 6.0 N Hydrochloric Acid drop wise while counting the drops to a clear endpoint.


Note a 1 ml plastic dropped was used to count drops.  1 ml equaled to 34 drops.  Contact Miles representative if other drop tubes are being used.



For a 5 ml sample

Drops of 6.0 N HCl * 0.22 = oz/gal, Soak 1410

For a 2 ml sample

Drops of 6.0 N HCl * 0.55  = pz/gal, Soak 1410